I have never found a product like Herb 'n Beauty’s aromatherapy body butter and Lord knows that I am a sucker for bath and body products. It is absolutely AMAZING!!!! This butter started healing my severely chapped and dry hands (After a period of intense gardening) in one afternoon! Now it is part of my daily routine and I could not live without it! Herb 'n Beauty is a line of absolutely wonderful 100% natural skin and body products that really work. I had the wonderful owner Kassandra Kernisan make a custom made serum for my daughter’s SEVERE eczema. That serum was miraculous. After 13 years of battle with her eczema Sarah is now able to control it without any Cortisone.


I actually tried both products (Eczema Herbal Balm and Growstrong Herbal Hair Serum) and I love them both. I used the eczema balm on my son but it is an issue to get him to put anything on his legs because he refuses. On myself, it's helped a lot and cleared up the little patches of eczema that I had. I continue to use it though because I love the smell. For the hair oil I have been using it a few times a week and I seem to be losing less hair than I was so that is a good sign. I love the smell and the tingling feeling that it provides when you 1st put it on.


"I have had eczema since I was a child and I am very impressed with the Herb 'n Beauty oil I bought recently. I saw results within a few weeks. I love that fact that your products are all natural because my skin is very sensitive."


"Wow, what a feeling! The first time I applied this amazing cream on my face, I could feel my face start to tingle. It almost feels like a facial massage. I knew it was starting to work. My skin feels soft and supple and rejuvenated. There are no creams that compare to the feeling of Herb 'n Beauty’s Firm on Wrinkle’s herbal balm. Try it, and you will feel what I mean."
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